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Daily Moisturizing Formula

Daily Moisturizing Formula

with Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Shea Butter, Urea

Not a foot cream but a foot mousse. India’s first mousse- based footcare line, with its Derma Restore Technology is proven to soften, moisturize and repair dry neglected feet. Creates a protective layer on the skin’s surface that instantly boosts moisture levels and helps prevent further moisture loss.
Medical-grade formula
Backed by clinical studies
Results in 1 week
Safe for all skin types
Spa-like experience at home
100% moneyback guarantee
120ml, Aloe fresh
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How to Use

Hold the can upright and shake well before each application

Start with a smaller amount or as needed

Use Daily for Healthy Happy Feet

Why choose Solvblem Foot Mousse Daily Moisturizing Formula

We’ve taken away all the bitterness of a traditional Cream and made it into a delightful experience? How?

Non-occlusive, non-greasy formula

Conventional foot care creams are often made with occlusive ingredients containing large molecules that cannot penetrate the skin. So, occlusive agents sit on the surface, acting as a protective layer instead of sinking into the skin. For this reason, the moisturizing effect does not last long and dries the skin quickly. Additionally, products containing occlusive agents can be too thick and greasy for the skin leaving your feet slippery.

Solvblem Foot Mousse formulas do not contain occlusive materials. They have a lighter consistency and penetrate deeper layers of the skin without leaving a greasy residue. With urea as the active ingredient urea, our rapid-absorbing Foot Mousse offers effective and visible results for an array of foot-related skin concerns.

Active Ingredient Delivery System

In addition to lightweight consistency, the Solvblem Foot Mousse is developed with a proprietary delivery system that penetrates the skin. This technology carries active ingredients, including urea, from the top layer into the deep layers of the epidermis, ensuring active ingredients enter the targeted areas precisely. It helps deliver intense hydration and locks in moisture, retaining the skin’s ability to function normally. The result is healthy, smooth feet with a long-lasting soft and supple feel.


How is Solvblem Daily Moisturizing Formula different?

Solvblem Daily Moisturizing Formula is a foot mousse and not a cream. It is fast absorbing and non greasy, penetrates in the skin and does not inhibit mobility after application.

How many times per day can i use Solvblem Daily Moisturizing Formula?

We recommend you use this product daily once a day and apply on clean dry feet.

Why do i need a special moisturizer for my feet?

Our feet are particularly prone to dry skin which typically leads to problems such as calloused skin with corns and cracked heels. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can cause feet to develop pressure and friction marks. The skin on our feet is thicker than elsewhere on our bodies, which means it needs a rich and more intensive moisturiser.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sindhu Sankar
For the love of happy healthy feet! 💙

Solvblem Foot Mousse, I use everyday to keep my foot 🦶🏻 soft and supple, and I’ve a healthy happy feet.

Glides like magic

This product is so smooth, glides like magic on the skin. Fragrance of the product is also very mild and soothing. Overall I loved the product and it’s one of my best purchases till date from amazon

It's a mousse based moisturizer

The application is almost funny because the product comes out in form of foam and it is tough to master at first. Speaking of foam, you need to apply a generous amount of moisturizer if your heels are cracked you might want to soak your feet for a bit in order for this to work. It is non-sticky and you can easily walk around barefoot without leaving your footprints.

Rhea Gursahani

I have the worst luck with foot creams and oils and no matter what I do my rough heels don't go away! They are rough right after a pedicure too! Honestly, I had lost all hope that something would work on my feet. However, I decided to try it one day when my feet were at its roughest peak. Almost immediately my heels smoothened out! I was zapped! Since I am super lazy at self care I applied it for only 3 days but my feet were smooth for the next 8 days. The texture is so amazing completely non greasy, you can wear your shoes right after you apply this mousse! I have tried a ton of international products but nothing has come close to this marvel! This is a true and genuine product - simply amazing! Thank you for creating this magical product!

Alisha Siddiqui
Best solution

It has such a lightweight foam like formula but works like a thick creame as it gently nourishes my cracked heels . Love it