A Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Feet with Solvblem


Maintaining happy, healthy feet is part of overall hygiene and wellness. However, for many people, knowing where to start can be a challenge.

The good news is, once you develop your own holistic practice of caring for your feet, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits - including a refreshed sense of well-being and rejuvenation - and be encouraged to keep going.

When building your own customized routine, here are a few steps you’ll want to include:

Step #1: Commit to supporting your feet with daily care

A common mistake many people make with regards to foot care is only making time when it’s convenient, or when they remember to do so. Unfortunately, inconsistent care is unlikely to yield much in the way of results.

In order to prevent concerns such as injury, infection, and unhealthy skin, you’ll need to make foot care a priority everyday. Even just five minutes per day spent cleansing, moisturizing, and checking in on the condition of your feet is all that’s really necessary. So, be sure to always include it on your to-do list.

Step #2: Supplement good home care habits with a trip to the nail salon

If you are new to foot care and are feeling overwhelmed, a great place to start is with a professional pedicure. Rather than having to tackle everything on your own, a pedicurist can help you establish a clean slate by administering deep cleansing, exfoliation, and other grooming.

Getting a monthly, or even quarterly, treatment can be the perfect way to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation and learn more about proper foot care, while also inspiring you to maintain your nails and skin at home, going forward.

Step #3: Choose quality products designed especially for your feet

Because the skin of your foot soles tends to be thicker than the rest of your body, and also bears the brunt of more activity, finding products that feature professional-grade active ingredients can do a lot to improve the outcome of your routine.

At Solvblem, we are experts in foot care and design our products completely around this concept. For example, be sure to check out our Foot Mousse options, each designed to target a specific problem such as cracked heels.

Step #4: Treat yourself to regular foot soaks

Another easy way to enjoy foot care and experience maximum results is with a foot soak prior to applying other products. Using a foot soak concentrate in warm water for even just a few minutes will help to hydrate dry skin, soften rough spots, and prepare your feet to absorb other treatment products. Just be sure to use only moderate heat, and keep it brief, to prevent fissures in the skin, or loss of the skin’s protective oils.

How to Build a Foot Care Routine

Step #5: Exfoliate to refresh regularly

Another common problem that contributes to rough texture, calluses, and unhealthy skin is not exfoliating the feet enough. For this reason, we suggest scrubbing with an exfoliant product such as a seaweed scrub. It helps polish away dead skin, debris, and other impurities which can contribute to buildup on the soles and heels.

By incorporating this step a few times per week, you’ll be able to keep the skin feeling fresh. It will also allow products such as your moisturizer to be absorbed quicker and work better.

Step #6: Nourish your skin with hydration and moisture

Speaking of moisturizer, all feet need to be treated daily, or even twice per day, with a product that hydrates and encourages moisture retention. Following cleansing and exfoliation is the best time to apply these types of formulas.

You should also take a few moments to gently massage in the product to promote proper circulation, and ensure that all moisture is fully absorbed. By maintaining good hydration habits, you’ll notice over time that your feet incur fewer cosmetic concerns, such as flaking, cracking, or rough cuticles around the nail bed.

Step #7: Correct concerns before they become a bigger problem

One last important thing to remember, is that even with good care, your feet may still experience occasional problems due to everyday stress and aging. For this reason, it’s best to keep regular appointments with both a professional pedicurist and a medical doctor so that you can troubleshoot concerns before they create long-term damage.

Some examples of this would be to have ingrown toenails checked and removed as soon as you notice them, and see a podiatrist if you notice any unusual pain or discomfort in the feet or ankles. Rather than ignoring any issues and allowing them to worsen, we recommend making proactive care an essential element of any comprehensive routine.

Final Thoughts

At Solvblem, we believe that foot care should be something you look forward to, so we design our products to be easy, effective, and enjoyable to use. From high-quality ingredients, to incredible results, we’ve thought of everything and are always working to improve your experience. Be sure to check back with us regularly to learn more about our expanding line of amazing products, plus free educational tips to support your success!

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